Chiropractic Care Enhances Brain Stem Function!

Did you know that your BRAIN STEM is the KEY to your Health & Life?!

Many people don’t realize but when Dr. Dylan adjusts the top of the neck at C1(Atlas) or C2(Axis) that causes an immediate response and trigger to the brain stem!

Our brain stem travels through C1(Atlas) and C2(Axis). These two bones are functioning around the brain stem as well as protecting it. The reason Dr. Dylan adjusts this area is to allow proper function and to make sure there is no PRESSURE/STRESS on the Brain Stem from C1/C2.

The brain stem controls and regulates many things in our LIFE without us even realizing it:

This is WHY it’s so important to make sure that that area of our body (Top of the Neck at C1/C2) is functioning properly because it is directly correlated to how our BRAIN STEM Functions!

When our brain stem is not functioning correctly due to stress, it can lead to many dysfunctions within our health:

But when the Atlas (C1) and Axis(C2) are functioning properly and there is no stress or irritation on the brain stem that is when we are capable of EXPRESSING LIFE at an OPTIMAL LEVEL!!

When is the last time you got checked to boost the function of your brain stem and body?!